Clinical Assessments & Psychosocial Reports for Immigration


Psychosocial Reports for Immigrants

Immigrating is a challenging experience. We all face some uncertainty, emotional stress, and plenty of unfamiliar paperwork. Sometimes there are even more difficult setbacks: perhaps you find yourself having to fight for U.S. resident status, or defending yourself or a loved one against the threat of deportation. When your lawyer asks you for a psychosocial evaluation, you want the best possible document for the situation.  An experienced immigration social worker can make the difference between more struggles and success

Claudia Ribas is the professional you need. Born in Brazil, she moved to the United States some three decades ago. So she knows the immigration experience firsthand. As a skilled psychotherapist in private practice, she brings a friendly and reassuring presence to all her work. She's dedicated to her clients, punctual, dependable, and thorough. Claudia Ribas will guide you through the evaluation process with a steady hand. You can be sure your evaluation will include all the relevant medical, social, and psychological history that officials require.

"It is therefore essential that the psychological evaluation be prepared by a professional who has experience with the unique requirements of the extreme hardship standard used in I-601 and I-601a waiver applications. If your chosen psychologist or psychiatrist does not have such experience... be sure they understand the importance of a well-written and detailed psychological report."


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